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What do the colors on the light ring mean?



Blue spin, two green flashes, two beeps - Kevo is Unlocking

Blue spin, amber flash, one beep - Kevo is Locking

Blue spin, then shutting off - If the light ring spins blue but shuts off without unlocking or locking, Kevo was unable to establish a connection with your device. This could be a reminder that you’ve forgotten your phone or fob. 

If you have your phone with you, make sure that your Bluetooth and Bluetooth Sharing (inside your phone’s privacy settings) are enabled, and make sure you are signed in to your Kevo app and that it’s running. 
The blue spin error could also be because you are standing too close to the door or because someone inside is using their device near the lock interior. In either case, Kevo’s sensor is getting a stronger signal from inside the house. Touch the lock again after making any necessary adjustments.

Blue spin, magenta flash
- Your device is outside of activation range, the area around the lock in which it can detect your device and respond to touch. When locking or unlocking the door, bring your device closer to Kevo by turning toward the lock so that there is a direct line of sight between the lock and your device. If this happens frequently, recalibrate your device.

Blue spin, red flash
- The lock has detected an unauthorized device within activation range and will not unlock. An unauthorized fob is one that has not been enrolled in your system, and an unauthorized phone is one with the Kevo app installed that does not have an eKey to your lock.

Red Flashing - System reset or unsuccessful calibration

Solid green or spinning green
- Calibration in progress

Amber spinning - Lock rebooting

Green Flashing - Successful Calibration

Top two LEDs are solid red - The AA batteries in the Kevo interior are low and need to be replaced.

Bottom LED is solid red - The fob battery is low and needs to be replaced.

Side LEDs flashing red - The deadbolt has jammed. Check your door for alignment and make sure the latch bolt can operate smoothly.


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