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How to manually calibrate your smart device

This process will enable Kevo's inside-outside sensor and optimize the lock's activation range for your device and entryway.
1. Make sure your Bluetooth is on, and open the Kevo app. If you are on the “My Locks & eKeys” page, you should see your lock name. If not, touch the menu button in the top left corner and select “My Locks & eKeys”.
2. Select the lock you want to calibrate manually.
3. Go to the settings page (gear symbol in the bottom right corner) and select “Calibrate”.
4. After reading the page displayed, select “Get started”. Make sure to read each step in its entirety before continuing to the next.
5. Remove the battery cover from your lock.
6. Hold your smart device to the back panel and press the white calibrate button. An image of where this button is located is shown on your screen.
7. Once you press the button, your smart device will automatically go to the next screen.
8. Put the battery cover back on the lock.
9. Stand outside and close the door. The light ring on the Kevo lock should be solid green.
10. Put your smart device in the empty front pocket of your pants and stand at an extended arm's reach from the lock.
11. Touch the outside of your lock. The light ring should spin green. Wait for the light ring to stop spinning, then repeat the touch sequence 2 more times.
12. When you are finished, the light ring will flash green and the Kevo lock will beep 3 times (if sound is turned on). Select “Done” on the bottom of the screen. Your smart device is now calibrated.

For additional tips, go to If the manual calibration results in a red flashing light ring at the end of the third touch sequence, then a poor calibration was performed. You can attempt the calibration again and adjust the orientation and proximity of your device. Accepting a poor calibration is not advised and could cause Kevo to be susceptible to unauthorized entry while your smart device is inside of your home. If calibration continues to fail, call Kevo support.

View our Calibration Tips and Tricks Video for additional help.


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