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What are the different types of eKeys?

Owner eKey: When you set up your phone to work with the Kevo Smart Lock, your phone will automatically receive the only Owner eKey. The Owner eKey allows the user to manage other users (purchase, send, disable, reassign and delete eKeys), view the lock's history, receive notifications, and delete the lock if needed. Owner – only 1 owner eKey per lock

Admin eKey: Like an Owner eKey, an Admin eKey gives the recipient the ability to manage users (purchase, send, disable, reassign and delete eKeys), view the lock's history and receive notifications. Administrator – able to issue additional eKeys

Anytime eKey: You can send this eKey to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This eKey never expires and can be reassigned from one person to the next as an Anytime or Scheduled eKey.Anytime – 24/7 access but unable to issue additional eKeys

Scheduled eKey: This eKey allows you to pre-set time constraints for the recipient. You control the days and the time of the week when the eKey will be active. If you already have eKeys in your account, you will be able to designate them as a Scheduled eKey or an Anytime eKey.

Guest eKey: This free eKey allows you to give your Guest unrestricted access for a 24 hour period and will then be automatically deleted. If this eKey is not used within 24 hours after the eKey has been sent, it will expire. Guest eKeys are unlimited and can be sent to the same person or different people each time. Guest – eKey that expires within 24 hours.


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