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Kevo Not Working?

Is your PHONE and/or FOB...

  1. Powered On? – Phones and fobs need power for Kevo to work
  2. Bluetooth On? - You're going to need to have your Bluetooth on so the phone can talk to the lock. Fobs always will be on.
  3. Is the device moving? - The fob and/or phone must be "active", as a security measure, for the lock to work. If the device sits still for more than 20 seconds, they will stop broadcasting, and the lock can't connect to them anymore.
  4. Data connection? - Your phone's data connection needs to be up and running so that the app can login to the server and persist the app. If there is no data, during login, the app won’t start. If you're in a place with no data connection (cabin in the woods), ensure you're logged in before you lose data, or use a fob to continue to use passive Touch-to-Open.
  5. Loaded with the latest app? - You'll need a supported Kevo app. Try to have the latest to take advantage of all features, fixes, and patches.
  6. Logged into the app? - Must be logged in for the app to run in the background. If you're not logged in, the app can't broadcast back to the lock. Fobs obviously don't have this problem.
  7. Has the device been "paired" with the lock before? - You should have paired your phone and are able to lock/unlock from the app if you are indeed paired. You should also see the LED blink on the fob when you touch the lock to ensure it is paired.
  8. App Running in the background? - If the user often kills off running apps (double clicks, swipe up on the app), to save power or speed, it might not restart on its own.
  9. The phone hasn't died since last time the app was open? - If the phone recently died completely, requiring a recharge, the app will need to be opened to re-start the Bluetooth process running in the background. IOS will not do this automatically. Once it is re-opened after a power failure, the app will function in the background as normal.
  10. Is the device on the outside of the door? - The lock will only lock/unlock when you touch it, if your phone is on the outside of the door, with the door shut, and the Kevo mounted on a door. You can test to see if the inside/outside calibration is the problem, by turning off the inside/outside sensor (Hold "b" for 15 secs until the exterior flashes orange). If it starts to work better with the inside/outside sensor is off, then the problem is calibration. Perform calibration – follow the steps as outlined in the Kevo Activation Range FAQ
  11. Arm’s length away? - Holding the phone close to the Kevo will make the lock think the phone is inside the house, so it won't open for security reasons. Recalibrate and stand an arm's length away when you touch the lock...every time.
  12. Too close to lock? - Users often think the closer they put the phone to the lock the better, it's actually the opposite, as the inside sensor will pick up the phone too close and think the user is inside.
  13. Calibrated Correctly? - The lock may have "learned" bad behavior if the phone was often brought too close to the lock. Reset the calibration and use the lock 10 times at an arm's length away to reset Kevo's proper range.

Refer to Kevo Activation Range FAQ to properly calibrate.


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