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What is the difference between the 1st and 2nd Gen Kevo App?

The iOS version of the 2nd Gen App provides faster lock response and added reliability due to an update in the Bluetooth protocol implementation.  The Android version of 2nd Gen App integrates an App Doctor which provide wider phone compatibility by determining full or partial functionality based on the phone’s Bluetooth implementation.

What are the different types of classifications for Android phones:

  1. Full compatibility – phones that has been tested and offers full functionality.
  2. Partial compatibility – phones that has been tested and offers partial functionality
  3. Unsupported Device – phones found to be incompatible but still able to manage eKeys.
  4. Unofficial Device – phone that has not been tested and qualified.

The cloud backend has the capability to learn and over time, change a phone’s classification based on successful interactions with the Kevo smart lock.


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